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What's Included in Coaching?

Modules: The Practical Path full program is 16+ video modules that take you step by step through the Practical Nutrition Method to help you build your unique Practical Path. We cover everything from the science of nutrition, mindset, social eating, appetite control, relationship with food, and so much more. 

One on One Weekly Live Calls: Every week you’ll have an opportunity to participate in a live call with Leena and take a deep dive into your personal path and curate a plan each week to help you reach your goals and answer all of your questions.

24/7 Support: As a private, 1:1 client, you have support from Leena whenever you need it. You can text her at any moment to check in on your food log and guide you to make a health supporting decision. You never have to be alone if you don’t want to be. You and Leena can work through real life food situations as they show up in your life. Spontaneous dinner? Ravenous craving? No worries, text Leena. You two can formulate a plan together on how to proceed in real time. 

My Approach

Practical Path is different because there are no rules. Together, we create the right path for you and your lifestyle based on what’s important to you. With the Practical Path you’re taught how to build healthy habits that truly last a lifetime in the most realistic way for your life. It’s simple and designed to not only help you find your happy weight, but also to have the healthiest relationship with food you can.

Coaching is right for you if...

  • You’re tired of jumping from diet to diet
  • You’re confused about what to eat with all the info out there
  • You’re a foodie who also wants sustainable weight loss
  • You’re tired of extremes
  • You’re a practical person
  • You want to enjoy your traditional foods
  • You’re done with food guilt
  • Your relationship with food is important to you but so are your weight loss goals

Book a Free Consultation

If you are interested in private coaching, please book your free call through the calendar below.

Free consultation calls are an opportunity for us to see if we’re a good fit to work together on your weight loss or health goals. This call is completely complimentary and holds zero obligation.

Meet Your Coach

Hey, I’m Leena. Thanks for showing interest in my program Practical Path. I designed my practical nutrition method because I was so tired of the extremes and “all or nothings” in nutrition, health, and weight loss. As an Arab American from a big family, it wasn’t realistic for me to count macros at family dinners or follow meal plans. As a foodie, it wasn’t sustainable to fuss over every ingredient or whether or not there was dairy in my dish. And as someone who cared just enough about my appearance and feeling good in my body, it wasn’t practical to just say “screw it” and eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. So I set out to find a practical balance between health, weight loss, and the reality of my life. Through trial and error, countless hours studying nutrition and health psychology, and working with clients like YOU, my program Practical Path was born and is here to help you curate your Practical Path to your healthy habits and happy weight.


Hear From Past Clients…

“It can be extremely intimidating to admit habits that we are unhappy/ashamed of having. Leena has always been supportive and constructive without seeming the slightest bit judgmental. This was something I was personally concerned about because I was embarrassed by my habits for so long. It is so difficult to admit unhealthy habits to ourselves, let alone another person. I would not have tried coaching from anyone else other than her.”

“Get ready to enjoy eating again. Eating was so stressful for me.”

I loved working on changing lifestyle habits one change at a time. I consider myself a driven person and sometimes I expect myself to make very quick and drastic changes. My experience working with Leena proved that slow and steady is key and long-term habits take time to change! I don’t find myself trying to do too much at once and then feeling like a failure anymore. I’ve shifted my mindset to respecting myself enough to be realistic and honest when it comes to what life changes might be doable at a given time. Even things that might seem small can be huge changes and I’ve definitely already changed how I think about progress.”

Ready to make changes that last?